So here I am, Master of a Lodge. It was good to have so many people whom I respected within the lodge actively participate in the ceremony.

And having people address me as Worshipful Master takes some getting used to; at what point will I stop thinking “Oh! That’s me!”

However, although I’d put some preparation into my response at the festive board, it went by the wayside – having a room full of men singing at you is moving (and not just up oto the chair) to say the least: Nothing could prepare me for that!

Now I’m here, I’m already preparing for my first ceremony; an initiation. A wonderful way to begin my Mastership; helping a new member to begin their journey. Consequently, I do find myself thinking about the things I’ve learned during my time so far as a Freemason. Aside from the ‘secrets’, which aren’t that secret anymore, I have:

  • improved my confidence in public speaking
  • learned that even people with different viewpoints can come together and accomplish something positive
  • also learned that people have more in common than differences.

The ceremonies we go through tell us we should improve ourselves as men. I find it’s not just the ritual I’m learning from, but my brothers, both within and without my Lodge.


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