Things I’ve learned being a Freemason

So here I am, Master of a Lodge. It was good to have so many people whom I respected within the lodge actively participate in the ceremony.

And having people address me as Worshipful Master takes some getting used to; at what point will I stop thinking “Oh! That’s me!”

However, although I’d put some preparation into my response at the festive board, it went by the wayside – having a room full of men singing at you is moving (and not just up oto the chair) to say the least: Nothing could prepare me for that!

Now I’m here, I’m already preparing for my first ceremony; an initiation. A wonderful way to begin my Mastership; helping a new member to begin their journey. Consequently, I do find myself thinking about the things I’ve learned during my time so far as a Freemason. Aside from the ‘secrets’, which aren’t that secret anymore, I have:

  • improved my confidence in public speaking
  • learned that even people with different viewpoints can come together and accomplish something positive
  • also learned that people have more in common than differences.

The ceremonies we go through tell us we should improve ourselves as men. I find it’s not just the ritual I’m learning from, but my brothers, both within and without my Lodge.


The Benefits of being an Active Freemason

If you come here to read about how Freemasonry can help you find a better paid job, or to provide you with a pension plan, then I’m sorry to disappoint; neither of these are true.

However, if you wish to look at a certain aspect of Freemasonry, and the benefits it brings that you may not even realise, then continue reading. Read more