The Duties of the Master Elect

So here I was, expecting that all I would have to do was learn some words for my installation, and then Brother Secretary hands me a few notes he’s written about what is expected of me before I become Master.

Appoint your Officers

Up until this point, I thought that some lodge officers were appointed by committee (or rather, for a voluntary organisation, who steps forward and meets no resistance), whilst others were on a rota. I was correct, except the Master is still expected to appoint all officers, except two. Read more

Becoming Master Elect

I feel perhaps I should first give some idea about the journey of a Freemason in the lodge. All Freemasons have begun their journey at their initiation, where they were made an “Entered Apprentice.” Following this they will be made a “Fellow Craft Freemason”, before becoming a “Master Mason”, mirroring the path that stonemasons traditionally took, where first an apprentice is taught their trade over a period of years. Then they become accepted as a qualified stonemason, before further experience should lead to them being regarded as Master Masons. Read more